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Let us not become weary in doing
good, for at the proper time we will
reap a harvest if we do not give up.
(Galations 6:9)

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Compassion For The Broken

By MAD21

We are all broken. Every single one of us. If we weren't, there'd have been no reason for Jesus to be born and die for us.

What does it mean to be broken? Well, do you suffer from: depression; excessive eating or spending; working too much; ignoring the needs of others; physical ailments; bad attitude; alcoholic/addict; the list could go on forever. The list also includes many things that would be considered politically incorrect to discuss in our society, but are very much on God's list of sins. We are all dealing with something. It's part of life.

But the big question is this: Is one sin worse than another? I know it's hard to not want to make one person's choice of sins worse than another, and I admit, it's hard for me, too. Very. My point here is not to debate whether murder is worse than gambling (I certainly know what my human mind would say). That is for God to determine, not me. What I want to talk about is compassion.

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Fingerprint Friday: Our Beloved Teddy

By MAD21

Years ago, in another lifetime one might say, I managed an arcade as a second job. It was easy pay and I could do my college homework while working. They loved me there because I actually didn't like playing the games, therefore I paid more attention to my job (as if there was anything to do anyway except unjam the machines and give out change).

On one particular day, it was really slow. Some friends had come to visit and were all playing around. I was standing by the 'claw machine,' you know, the big machine where you move the claw in hopes it will land on something, hold it long enough to then drop it into a shoot where you can retrieve it.  Knowing first hand how things in this machine are crammed in specifically so people can't get anything, I had never once even tried it. Big money waste.

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Fingerprint Friday: Our Little Furballs

By MAD21

I know that not everyone is a "cat-person." But quite honestly, I think most people who don't like cats have never been loved by one. Now, before you get all wound up over the "Cat vs. Dog" thing, know that my family are also "dog-people." We have a wonderful puppy, too, but I'll save her story for another day. Personally, my home just doesn't feel complete without one of each.

When my hubby and I got married, I brought two cats with me. They were brother and sister, but acted more like a married couple. It was quite entertaining. They were both given to me right after my previous cat had died. They were awful as kittens, I cannot say that strongly enough... AWFUL kittens. Most people, my parents included, would never have kept them. They tore everything up. But they became the most loving pets, but they were most assuredly, my pets. The girl cat, Emmy, didn't like anyone but me, and she let you know that if you got anywhere near her. She eventually accepted my hubby, but she would never had admitted it. They boy cat, Oscar, was like a little kid.. all the time. He was very mischievous, loved to play, and liked just about everyone.

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