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(Galations 6:9)

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God Is... Sovereign Creator

By Nick (My Experience As...)

Created by Love

When we approach God one of the hardest things to accept is that He doesn’t need us. As a parent I might have thought at one point I didn’t “need” my children, but they define me. I am a dad. I can’t be a dad without children. More than that, I can’t image my life without them. I need them. They make me whole.

God is nothing like that.  He is whole and complete without us.  Some may feel that He is “more” with us, but that would make him less than infinite. That is what makes Creation such an incredible event.

For an eternity, that is an infinite span into the past (I say span instead of time because time as we might be able to comprehend didn’t exist because it assumes a beginning), God existed and needed nothing. At some point He made a decision to create.  In one instant nothing existing and in the next instant everything existed.

Science points to this instant. In my “I Owe You an Apology” series I delve into this in detail, but there is so much more than just the science.  In creating the very foundation of … well everything, God wrote a giant “I love you” across the Universe.

So much of what God does is about His love.  God disciplines because of love. Just like a parent, God wouldn’t discipline if He didn’t care or was malevolent. Because He desires more for us, He disciplines.

The very existence of anything assumes a loving Creator.  The atheist might say that everything just came from nothing for no reason, but there is a big problem with that, namely that it isn’t logical.  Again, I delve into this in more detail in my “I Owe You an Apology” series, but here is the short version.

The Universe had to come into existence at some point. There are many reasons for this, but one very convincing reason is that the Universe is finite.  It only has so much hydrogen (for example) and if it has always been, then all the hydrogen would have been used up by stars already.  Knowing that the Universe had to have a birthday doesn’t mean it couldn’t have come into place by an unthinking random event … except that if the Universe could have come into being by such an unthinking random event, then it should have happened an infinite time span ago. By the sheer definition of infinity it would have happened an infinite time span ago unless something precluded it from happening.  If something prevented Creation until a set point in history, then it must have done so intentionally. This means that the Creator must be intelligent and intentional.

Which brings us back to the original point.  If the Creator is intentional and intelligent. If the Creator is eternal and infinite, both qualities that are absolutely required for the existence of everything. Then the Creator must have chosen to create out of love.

So when one tries to shut God out and say that everything came from nothing for no good reason … I have to laugh a little. I know that nothing was made into something because of love.

You have to admit, that changes your perspective on things a bit.

Nick is a husband and father to four children all of whom he loves dearly. He is also a youth pastor to over 50 students, a great writer and a whiz with computers. He has a fabulous blog where he shares his Experience as a Husband, Father, Youth Pastor, Geek and Jesus Freak. Be sure to go check it out.

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