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Let us not become weary in doing
good, for at the proper time we will
reap a harvest if we do not give up.
(Galations 6:9)

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Trust Like a Child

By Pat

Any time I am with my little grandchildren, I am amazed and how completely trusting they are. When I throw them in the air, they laugh, knowing I will catch them. When we're crossing a street or walk in a parking lot, they hold my hand, knowing that I know when it's safe to proceed. They never question the safety of what we put on their plates, because they know that, even if they don't like it, it's safe to eat it if it's been given to them by someone who loves them.

It reminds me and helps me to truly understand what Jesus meant when He said we must have the attitude of little children. Children trust us to care for them, keep them safe, and lead them. They know we can help with their cut and bruises, and they open their hearts to us with honesty and purity. They don't have to question our motives...they feel safe. How I want to be that way! How I want to show Jesus that same, sweet, childlike love, trust and faith, and stop doubting. I want the same hearts my grandchildren have!

"Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it."  (Mark 10:15)

Pat is a good friend who is passionate about her faith and her family. She works from home supporting a family business, and loves to read, write and garden when she can, and spends every spare moment with her grandkids.


Be Calm

By Pat

Yesterday was a windy, rainy day, and as I looked out my kitchen window, I noticed a little hummingbird at the feeder on my deck. She sat there on the feeder drinking the sugar water, seemingly oblivious to the nasty weather. As the rain beat down and the wind shook the feeder about, she sat there calmly until she was done drinking. I found myself wishing I was more like that little bird...

Oftentimes when storms rage around me, I retreat in fear until calm, sunny weather returns. Instead of keeping my eyes fixed on Jesus, I allow my fears and worries to overtake me and, like Peter, I let the storms through me off focus. I remove my eyes from Jesus, and find myself unable to find peace in my life in the midst of the storms. I need to be like that tiny little hummingbird, and just hang on! For it's when we turn from Jesus that fear overtakes us and we begin to sink. But just as He did with Peter, Jesus will reach to us. We need only keep focused on Him!

"When I am afraid, I will trust in you."  (Psalm 56:3)

Pat is a good friend who is passionate about her faith and her family. She works from home supporting a family business, and loves to read, write and garden when she can, and spends every spare moment with her grandkids.


God Says... "He is able to bless you abundantly."

By Peter Pollock

I say I have faith that God will provide, but only when it’s easy.

Somehow, Ginny has managed to pick the topics which are by far the most personal and hardest for me to write on

The text that Ginny suggested I use is 2 Corinthians 9:8:

"And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work."

Now, to me, that verse has always spoken about material needs. God will give us all the money and all the materials we need to do whatever it is he calls us to do.

That’s AWESOME – and I totally believe it, with all my heart.

Ginny pointing me to this verse though and suggesting that I write about us saying “I'm not able” and God replying “I AM able” has made me see this verse in a new light.

If God is able to bless us abundantly in all things… then he must be able to bless us abundantly in ALL things, not just material things.

In other words, God is saying I can give YOU the tools YOU need physically, emotionally and mentally to do what I’ve called you to do.


There’s a part of me that can believe that but at the same time, it’s so much harder to trust God for.

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God Says... "Cast all your cares on me!"

By Jason V (Ponderings of a Pilgrim Pastor)

On the way home from Wal-Mart yesterday, Family News in Focus Weekend got my attention with a stunning fact: the average age of first pornography exposure for young boys is eight. That's right, eight. As the father of a seven-year-old, that nearly made me drive off the road. 

I know that in this world of nearly universal high-speed internet, my boys will be exposed to pornography.  I don't know when, but I know it will happen. This thought alone makes me sick to my stomach, not to mention the idea that one or both of them may become hooked on the trash.

As a parent, I have many cares and anxieties.  We moved to South Carolina five months ago and I worried that my children might not make friends.  Every time we have guests to our house for a meal, I'm nervous about what my children might say or do.  When I consider the depravity of my own heart and my own failings as a husband, a father and a Christian, I worry that my children will suffer for my sins.

I can easily be overwhelmed by my cares and anxieties, but then God comes to me and calls me: "Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you." (1 Peter 5:7, ESV)  But can I really?  If I am to cast my cares on my God, I need to know two things: that He really loves me and that He can handle my cares.

How do I know God loves me? "God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us." (Romans 5:8, NIV)  When God gave His Son for me, He gave me the very best and most perfect gift anyone could ever give.  He proved that He would hold nothing back to redeem me and make me His forever.  Simply put: No one could ever more clearly demonstrate love for me than God did in the gift of His Son on the cross.

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Are We There Yet?

By Chuck (Sharing Compassion)

Those that have had young children will recognize those words in the title. Many times we have packed the car and settled in for a few hour drive to a vacation spot. It seems we have gone only the first few miles and a voice from the back proclaims those words: "Are we there yet?" it is a voice of impatience and anticipation. They cannot see the big picture and only want to see the end result. I can't think of any parents that have not heard that question. It just seems to be part of parenting.

I wonder as Christians, how often we have asked that question of God in our hearts? We know our final destination and we know it is better than any favorite vacation spot. We look forward to eternity with anticipation. How often though do we get bogged down in everyday life? We get frustrated by running in every direction with never enough time. We struggle with trying to keep things balanced. We get disappointed by others and broken promises. In our frustration don't we sometimes whisper that phrase within our hearts? Not that we want our lives to end but we yearn for the peace, fellowship and perfection that heaven will bring. We know the promises that await us and our hearts yearn for that.

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